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Modular Studies
The objective of this work is to analize modularization and the method to define variance. In this study the behavior of modules (based on solids), which move in a grid of 10 x 10 x 10 cm, are documented. The geometric body of a cuboid can be defined by six faces or/and eight vertices. Based on this scheme, the model studies show ways to create structures – generated by identical modules. The point is, to explore the mutual relations of the parts to each other, without being focused on the importance of design (purpose). This will bring insights into the problems of compati-bility and the technique of interchangeability. The appeal lies in the exploration of the syntax: a diversity of possible combinations to create infinite structural variations.
DESIGNER: Hellen Westerhof CAD & RENDER: Hellen Westerhof PROTOTYPE: Hellen Westerhof PHOTOGRAPH: Hellen Westerhof CREATED: 2011 PRESS: Design Report Magazine
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Design Studies